Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry's gaffe now ancient history. But can he shutup for a week?

John Kerry continues to typify what has been wrong with the Democratic party during the past 12 years. His ill-timed stupid botched joke, just as Democratic control of the Senate is becoming a statistical possibility, is the kind of low-ground turn-off politics that NO Democrat should not be exhibiting prior to one of the most important elections in recent US history.

To his credit, John Kerry apologized to the troops today. This will neuter the Republican attack for Independent voters, but no matter -- Kerry's comment will serve to mobilize the Republican base, which means that Democrats will need to work that much harder over the next week to turn out that many more Democratic voters.

Senator Kerry -- help your party and America. For just one week, please keep your big ego under control and your big flap shut.

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