Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why you should NOT use Verizon's service

If you're posting pictures to Verizon's, beware!
Verizon may, for any reason whatsoever, completely destroy your precious pictures without ANY accountability to you.

For those who want to store their pictures in "le cloud" this is what you're up against. Basically, you do not own your pictures.  Companies like Verizon own them, and they may do whatever they please with them.

Just read Verizon's TOS:

"Termination. Verizon Wireless reserves the right in its sole discretion to restrict your access to the Website and/or terminate your wireless service without notice for any violation or threatened violation of this Agreement. Upon voluntary or involuntary termination of your wireless service, your access to the Website immediately will be blocked and your content stored on the Website deleted. Verizon Wireless has no obligation to return or restore deleted content. This Agreement shall survive termination or expiration of your Customer Agreement.
Changes. Verizon Wireless reserves the right to revise this Agreement or impose new conditions at any time. Such revisions will be effective immediately upon notice by any means, including, but not limited to, posting on the Website"

Shit, even if you just THREATEN to violate their TOS, they can boot your ass off. So just shut up --- if you don't like Verizon, or they may choose to destroy all of your pictures without warning.

Other parts of Verizon's contract suggest that you can't even sue to get your pictures back. Verizon doesn't give a shit about your precious content. In fact, if you don't log in every so often (a time period they can change at will without any direct notification to you) they have the right to just make your content vanish forever.

So beware... if you are using a cloud storage service to keep your content "safe," in reality you do not have any safety at all. There is no substitute for a local backup copy, as Verizon so clearly demonstrates.


Christopher Linz Jr. said...

I have sadly just discovered this. For awhile I was logging in whenever the warning message came, but this time the final message saying they were deleted came without the preceding warning messages. I uploaded them there because I couldn't figure out how to get pictures from my phone just to my computer. Is there an extra cord you have to buy?

Anonymous said...

Email the pics to yourself

Anonymous said...

Verizon also lies to consumers about the coverage maps but you won’t find that out until you sign on the dotted line and get your phone home. They in fact go as far as to insist that they cover those areas and the problem is your phone but one gets cell service in this town- NO ONE! But they continue to post this area as being covered as well as other areas that I tested.

Anonymous said...

I received a text from on 5/23 while I was on vacation that said my pix place account has been inactive for 30 days and I should log onto within 30 days or all my pics would be deleted. I did not even know I had this account, but did notice one day about a month ago,that all my photos were in a different format and assumed they had done some type of update.
When I got home I downloaded pics to Picasa but did not delete them from my phone. I went back to my cell because a video did not transfer and all my pics were gone! everything except 1 picture on the phone as wallpaper. when I tried to log in to the link they gave with my cell #, I got a text back from the #48000,with a crazy message about getting 20 credits from thumbplay tones for $9.99/mo msg&data,reply yes now to start, with a link (there was no option to say no, so I thought it was a bogus text. I am so disgusted with Verizon,I want my pics back and of course it's a holiday weekend and calling during the week is bad enough. I will take any suggestions if anyone has any.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't trust them. I had no idea what this was and never signed up for it. I do have a Verizon number though and they were taking out of my main account for this which I naturally reported and had to change my private info along with my bank info.

Asp said...

aint that the truth-

gwen hilson said...

Thanks for the info because I have never used it either. So how do I keep my photos? Help!

Anonymous said...

I just have pictures i have. taken .i got that. tx too .Will that effect
my pics?

Anonymous said...

Just another idiot misunderstand a standard clause in a TOS (did you actually expect to be able to keep using their a cost to them) FOREVER, even if you are not a customer anymore?) and whining abut it on a silly blog.

Anonymous said...

I do not get it??? How

Anonymous said...

They just did it to me. They removed all my pictures. Years of them.
They will not tell me why and no help. All my pictures are GONE. Verizon SUCKS ASS. I wish I had read this article before. I found it looking for a way to get them to give me my picture back or at least an explanation why they removed them. There was nothing bad in there. I don't get it. But their terms say "screw you."

Do NOT use verizon for anything. they are the worst company ever to be inflicted on mankind. For gods sake do NOT trust them with any pictures. If you have pictures there go and download them right now before your memories are lost forever.

Anonymous said...

You can use your Verizon cellphone to send pictures to your e-mail account, no cords necessary. When your're prompted for a phone number to send your picture to, insert your e-mail address instead (or any e-mail account where you would like it to appear). Hit 'Send.' Verizon will send your picture through to any e-mail account you specify. Once it's on your e-mail spool, you can download it to any file on your hard drive... or, forward it to your ListServ via e-mail. This feature puts a lot of good will in Verizon's account as far as I'm concerned. They're still the truculant stepchild of Ma Bell, but competition has made them a little more docile.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why you all are in an uproar over this. It clearly states that once your contract has ended, for any reason whatsoever, you're stuff gets deleted, too. Why would you think you're entitled to keep access and storage on a server that you have no business with and pay no money to anymore? It's clear that VZW Pix is a part of the Verizon service so it should be no surprise that it's gone when you're no longer their customer.

Why exactly do all of you expect them to keep your stuff and continue to let you access it when you just ended your business relationship, whether mutually or not? That's like saying I should get phone service once I stop paying because I have people saved on my contacts I still need to call. See how retarded that sounds? Or that when you quit paying the alarm company that services the alarm system at your house, and expect them to still contact the police if it goes off.

Come on, man. Use some common sense.