Monday, April 02, 2012

US Supreme Court's Outrageous Activist Decisions

As if the Citizen's United decision was not bad enough, this activist Roberts Supreme Court is one again mad, out of control, and dangerous.  Unbelievably, today the court ruled that invasive strip searches are acceptable for ANY offense in America.  Thinking of participating in a peaceful non-violent demonstration or protest? Better chill out, because that can now get you bent over naked in front of guards.

If you're a police chief or sheriff who wants to stifle any kind of legal public dissent in your community, simply drop hints that anyone arrest during a peaceful protest will have their nether regions examined.

We'll soon see if this crazy court will go so far as to deny millions of Americans healthcare coverage, even after their duly elected public officials debated and properly passed this immensely important legislation.  My bet is that this activist court will indeed overturn America's healthcare chance.

America, don't stand idly by while this nutter conservative court allows for the dismantling of your God-given rights as Americans to free expression.


Anonymous said...

Good thing the law got passed...
Now existing health care plans are being cancelled while the exchanges are down and incomplete. Tell me sir, who is denying health coverage to Americans?

Anonymous said...

Worthless plans are being cancelled by the insurance companies. The plans you're referring to are less than 5% of the insurance market. Stop trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill, and just go get a decent plan.