Friday, August 11, 2017

How to Program a Motorola M1225 radio for COR Active Low

I setup a GMRS repeater using a pair of Motorola M1225 Radius radios. I wanted to use the ID-O-Matic IV controller, but I ran into a problem.  The Id-o-Matic was send the CW identification, but the receive radio would not key the transmitter.

I learned the solution was to program the M1225 for "COR Active Low."

This was easier said than done. Nowhere in the Motorola software did I see an obvious place to program COR Active Low.

A little trial and error revealed the solution.

In the Motorola software, go to External Accessories
Program PIN 8 as "CSQ Detect",  "Output" and "Low", as shown in the image below.

Program PIN 8 like this to achieve COR Active Low
Now your receive radio will signal your ID-O-Matic to key your transmitting radio.

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