Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Republican Party

Borat tried to warn the Whitehouse. Just weeks before today's U.S. national election, Borat visited the main guardpost of the Whitehouse and asked to speak with President Bush. He was rebuffed.

Just like the American people have been rebuffed by a President who thinks he knows better than the people. The President's obstinance and complete disregard for running roughshod over the hard-fought rights of the American people have led to today's political bloodbath.

Or least I hope it will be a bloodbath for the Republican Party. As I write this, polls are open, and Republicans are "gettin' out thar vote." At least three states have already reported "irregularities" and "failures" with their electronic voting equipment.

But today I cast my vote against the corrupt Republican party with a purpose and conviction that I have never felt before. I didn't just want to vote. I didn't just feel an obligation to vote. I NEEDED to vote: against the direction the country is headed, against holding Americans without charge, against corruption and Republican sex scandals, against the fleecing of the American public by Bush's big-oil buddies, against the blundering that made the Katrina disaster a national travesty, against curtailing America's privacy rights, against secret European prisions, against torture, against the idiocy of the Iraq war, against warrantless eavesdropping, against Halliburton's corrupt contracts, against unchecked deficit spending, against the parade of sex scandals and Republican hypocracy, against Bush's lies. Against Bush.

George Bush would have done well that sunny day to greet Mr. Borat, and to receive Borat's "Cultural Learnings." It may have been enlightening to the President.

Unlike Bush, Borat seeks to know the American people, and seeks to share his "Cultural Learnings" with others. Unlike Bush, Borat wants to know what people are thinking.

But then again, Bush hasn't much cared about what anybody is thinking, has he?

Maybe he will today.

Get yer anti-Republican ass out to the polls and vote, now!!

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Susan said...

Well, the world is watching today, Scott! I hope to heaven that change is coming. What a shame it's been to see all Americans judged by the antics of Bush and his crowd.

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post!! Love the Borat tie in and comparing Bush to Borat. I used to think they were similar, but you've proven to me how different they are ;-)