Friday, November 03, 2006

3 More Soliders Dead in Iraq

CNN radio just reported that 3 more soldiers are dead in Iraq.
That brings the total for the month of November to 5

Last month, we lost 105 citizen soldliers. That means that just last month, 105 of our neighbors, children, husbands, brothers and sisters, friends, neighbors fathers... were killed fighting a vanity war for the glory of el Presidente Bush.

Let's not forget what this election is about.

It's about Republican blunders in executing this war.

We're in too deep to cut-and-run, as the President would say. And if the democrats are elected, cutting-and-running is not an option. But what is an option is to have some congressional oversight of the President. We will NEVER have congressional oversight of a republican president with a republican congress.

And God help us -- this war needs some oversight.

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