Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sexual Abstinence

The good guys at AllProDad.com always seem to have just what's on my mind. Although my daughter is only six years old, the crap she picks up from her kindergarten friends never ceases to amaze me. The kind of parents that some little kids have to deal with these days just blows me away.

Today, AllProDad had a tip for speaking with you daughter about sexual abstinence. When your daughter's friends are all clamoring for her to give up her virginity, what are some good reasons to keep it? Read about it here http://www.allprodad.com/7teenageabstinence.asp

Although my daughter is just six, its frightening how much she knows, and how much she's exposed to just by playing on the elementary school playground. Although the time for this discussion with her may not be today, I'm convinced the day it going to be here much sooner and faster than I ever imagined.

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