Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Iraqi's Need to Stand Up? Shift the blame to where it belongs.

It's all over the news. Brilliant politicians are blaming the Iraqi's. They say that if only the Iraqi's would standup for their country, then the Americans could go home. The inference is that the Iraqi's are cowards. They are not "standup guys."

"Stand up, Iraqi's!"

Of course, such talk is little more than standup comedy when it comes out of the mouth of U.S. politicians of either party. Such talk belongs on a stage in Second City when proffered as part of a serious political debate.

How dare they blame the Iraqi government for the blantant failures of U.S. policy.

Afterall, it wasn't the Iraqi's who plummetted their own country into anarchy by removing the figure head dictator.

It wasn't the Iraqi government who disbanded the Iraqi military.

It wasn't the Iraqi people who drove the literate baathists (read, Iraqi civil servant class) underground, leaving a huge administrative hole for the new government to try and fill.

Many times more newly recruited Iraqi police and Iraqi Army troops have been killed than U.S. soldiers. In fact, 300 Iraqi soliders have died just this month, as opposed to 90 U.S. soldiers, according to WSJ.

To suggest that the Iraqi's simply needs to "Stand up" and all of our problems would be solved, may sound great in a TV soundbite. But it discourages the Iraqi people by blaming the Iraqi Government for what's going on.

Such talk attempts to shift the blame for blatant mis-execution of the Iraq War away from where it belongs, which is on the stand-up comedians and liars posing as politicians in Washington, DC.

The Iraqi's are standing up. But the Americans who are making all of the decisions in this "war on terror," who continue to deny that Iraq is engaged in a civil war, have blundered along every inch of the way.

Excuse the Iraqis if the want to sidestep such incompetence.

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