Saturday, October 14, 2006

Why Even Republicans will Dump the Republican Party in this Election

Read why Republicans are dumping the Republican Party this election. An excellent and honest editorial appeared recently in the Johnson Cty (Kansas) Sun.

Although I'm normally an Independent voter, Republican radicalism has pushed me solidly into the Dem camp this election. Whether I stay here or not depends on the Dems. Will they truly become the party of fiscal responsibility? Will they truly safeguard American's rights to privacy? Will they truly fund our schools and keep our kids safe? Will they truly plot us a course out of Iraq that doesn't leave the Iraqi people hanging at the end of a rope?

What's clear to me this election is that staying the course is not an option.

Every time I hear a Republican talk about "cutting taxes," I laugh. They really continue to think that they can bribe me with my own money. They truly think we are idiots.

I want to cut taxes as much as the next person, but not on the backs of my children. Not at the expense of my country. We've borrowed enough from the future. Our national debt spiraled out of control years ago, and is now $8.5 TRILLION freakin' dollars. America can't stand another two years of a Republican controlled congress and their stupid "tax cuts."

Read the Sun's editorial and tell me what you think. I say they're right on.

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