Friday, October 13, 2006

Mark Kennedy - "Minnesota Mean". Kennedy is "Dr. Jekyl" Candidate.

Minnesotans pride themselves on being "Minnesota Nice." We like to think of ourselves as being friendly folks, more interested in the issues than the bickering (don't take my word for it. Read it the NY Times).

That's why its so baffling to see Senetorial candidate Mark Kennedy's mean spirited ads. Sure, mean ads may be statistically more effective than actually speaking to the issues. Yet, in Minnesota, Mark Kennedy should expect a backlash.

Kennedy comes across as a jerk. By speaking down to them in ridiculously short soundbytes, Kennedy must think that Minnesotan's are stupid. Such ads may work in Wisconsin, but here in Minnesnowta, I'll have none of it. If Senior citizens aren't upset about the latest insulting "park bench" ads, they certainly should be. Using a senior proxy to deliver Kennedy's lies is just too much.

There was a time that Mark Kennedy's ads were amusing and interesting. His first ads introduced us to him in a very color, clever and fun way. For Kennedy to go from "nice guy" to "huge jerk" in about 10 seconds was just too much. By running the mean-spirited anti-Amy ads right next to the nice-guy ads starring members of his family, Kennedy comes across as two-faced, unpredictable. Kennedy has become a"Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde" candidate.

Kennedy has yet to speak to the issues that are important to Minnesotans, instead preferring to paint Amy Klobuchar (a very successful public prosecuting attorney) as a criminal lover and a senior-citizen hater. This is absolutely ludicrous, and is contemptuous of, and insulting to Minnesotans.

Mark Kennedy, you should be ashamed.

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Anonymous said...

Well said, Scott! Kennedy is a brainless twerp. The meaner he gets, the easier it is to see. Lets hope he continues down this path. We're almost to election day, and he isn't even close.