Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bush on Energy: keep us addicted to oil for another hundred years

Did you catch Bush's comments to the Renewable Energy Concerence on Oct. 12? Here's the transcript.

It bears reading, because it's incredibly naive. Incredibly too little. It shows just how little grasp this puppet of the oil industry really has on the issue.

Here he is, speaking at a conference about renewable energy. And as much as I agree with Bush that America is "addicted to oil" and as much as I want to believe that he is on board with renewable energy, his comments are so.... cliche. So obvious. So behind whats going on.

If you are the President of the United States addressing leaders in the field of Renewable Energy, don't you think you should have something to say? Don't you think comments like those I'm about to qoute are just a little too benath the people to whom you are addressing:

"You can't grow your economy without energy."
we got to change our habits if we want to remain the economic leader of the world
"I think it is interesting that when we -- we got an energy conference going on here."
"We've got a really strong economy, and in order to make sure it's strong tomorrow we need to make sure we work on how we use energy."
Energy is -- look, let me just put it bluntly: We're too dependent on oil.
"We need to diversify away from oil for economic reasons."
"We live in a global world."
"We get oil from some countries who don't particularly care for us. They don't like what we stand for."
"Reliance upon oil and hydrocarbons has created some challenges when it comes to the environment."

Overall, his speech was long on future potential, short on immediate action. That's right Mr. Bush. Just keep pushing it out into the future.

When Bush joked...
"Some day, some -- the 56th President will be standing up here saying, I appreciate the fact that there was some pioneers back in America in those days; I can't spent too much time because I've got to go get my limousine filled up by hydrogen -- (laughter) -- but I appreciate the fact that the solar panels are working so you can see me."

...I don't think he was kidding. I think that's his goal. To pay a little lip service to renewable energy right before the election, but secretly he hopes to keep us "addicted to oil" for at least another hundred years.

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