Monday, October 16, 2006

Advice to Mark Kennedy in Minnesota Senate Election Campaign

The Minnesota blogosphere is ripe with speculation that the National Republicans are packing their bags and moving on to senatorial races in Missouri or Tennessee. Afterall, there's still a chance to win in those elections. But with Mark Kennedy polling 15% or more behind opponent Amy Klobuchar, why spend more national bucks in this election.

That's good news for Kennedy.

The national money coupled with national advice to run a negative campaign has all but done in Mark Kennedy's campaign. I've said it before --- this kind of politicking plays horribly in Minnesota, and Minnesotans take it out on the offender. It just doesn't work here. This is the state, after all, that that has 4 "major" political parties. The state that elected Jesse Ventura governor. The state where MPR will actually give state-wide airtime to minor candidates. The state where people turn out to vote.

The national republican strategists probably had all kinds of studies culled from races elsewhere that suggested Kennedy should run a negative campaign. It probably should have worked, and probably would have worked if this were not Minnesota.

Mark, you're gonna lose this race. But I'll do you huge favor and tell you how you can at least pull a little closer in the next couple of weeks.

First, stop the attack ads now. They're killing you, buddy!

Second, replace attack ads with ads that actually address the issues. I honestly don't know what you standfor.

Third, stop speaking in toungues. No more of that shit that I heard on TV on Sunday. You're not a democrat, so stop trying to be one. Just tell us openly, honestly what you stand for. Spend less time talking about Amy, and more time talking about MARK!

Fourth, do not listen to the national strategists. Just stop. They are so completley out of touch with America, that they cannot advise you credibly on your Minnesota strategy.

Good luck, Mark. You're gonna need it.

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Anonymous said...

Good thing for AK that Kennedy played those negative ads. If you look at his poll numbers, they were highest before he started running negative ads.