Sunday, October 31, 2004

Face Off

Here's an interesting "mad science" story for you, just in time for Halloween.

Medical science marches on, and the stuff of yesterdays science fiction continues move into the realm of possibility. Today, there's good news for people in the government witness protection program, as well as anyone who has been horribly disfigured:

First human face transplant, Ohio clinic starts screening patients: "The Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA, is to start screening patients for what will be the first ever face transplant. A review board has given the clinic permission to carry out the procedure."

The cynical side of me wonders what someone would pay to wear a dead celebrity's face -- the ultimate piece of memorabilia. On eBay we've already seen people auctioning their vote, even their kidneys. Will we ever be able to sell options on our body parts in event of our premature deaths? I've learned never to say "never."

Seriously: this hospital truly ought to fire the public relations firm who advised them that this was an appropriate time to release this story: who can take this seriously on Halloween?

Watch the late night comics to see how long it takes them to latch on to this story. They will not be able to leave it alone.

What an interesting world my kids will inhabit in 50 years.

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