Thursday, October 14, 2004

Aerobics with Jane

Jane is my wife, and the love of my life. We were married about 9 years ago.

We met in an aerobics class in Chicago about 10 years ago. Why an aerobics class? Well, my previous girlfriend had dumped me. Very tough situation, but one that I've since learned isn't all that unique. But at the time, I was devastated when she ran off with my best friend. I was crushed. I felt bad about myself. I was about to turn 30 -- and there I was: feeling ugly, living in an apartment building, no savings to my name, and now absolutely no prospects for marriage. What a loser. So decided to change things, one thing at a time. The first thing: get in shape.

I soon discovered that Aerobics was a great place to meet women. Everyone else in the class was female.

My future wife eventually befriended me, and we had some great non-date nights out. Very low stress and easy going. Eventually I began to see in her all of the terrific traits that my friends saw in her immediately: trustworthy, kind, caring, and always up for an adventure. "Marry her, you fool!" they would tell me. Eventually I asked, and she agreed.

If I am ever asked to provide advice to those contemplating marriage, it is always this: marry your best friend.

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