Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Internet Litterbug

It just occurred to me today, finally, that there is too much garbage on the web. So I deleted some old web pages today. They were probably 2 years old, and had never been updated. My attitude had been to just leave it -- who cares. But this morning, as I was rolling the garbage can to the street, it oddly occurred to me that I was an internet litterbug.

At some point in the development of the internet and the worldweird web, did we all stop taking out the garbage? Because it's piling up on on the front porch! It becomes apparent to me every time I search Google.

Well, today I did my part to conserve bandwidth and server space: no longer will my old family pictures be turning up in some google search for information about London or diaper rash, just because I took a picture of my wife changing the little boy's bottom the London Underground (hey, it's a funny picture!). The google results will now yield just 1,092,182 pages found instead of 1,092,183, at least for a moment.

And yet, I still can't help myself: I delete a bit of web content, but now I have to tell you about it, and in so doing I toss these bit-drops into the great ocean of the web. That anyone will actually read them is a miracle itself, perhaps a one-in-1,092,183 chance occurrence. And the fact that I have again mentioned London and diaper rash will probably mean that I have actually increased the number of Google search hits once again.

Post a comment and tell us all how you were able to find these words on the web; what freak chance brought you to this web blog? What were you really searching for?

And by the way, click here if you were actually searching for info on London or Diaper Rash.


Anonymous said...

I was actually looking for information on diaper rash! Thanks for the link.

leesun said...

oh okay. you commented on my husband's blog. i generally think anyone who admires anything about my husband must have impeccable taste. :)