Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Test

Today we took Pete (number 3) to the hospital for a hearing exam. He was such a great little kid, keeping himself busy and being no trouble at all for his dad. To my surprise, the audiologist called us in 5 minutes early. He stuck some kind of instrument into each ear, and that was it. He was done with us.

15 minutes later, the ENT called us in. He began explaining the results of the test. Looks like the left ear has some kind of fluid. Since Pete has had six ear infections already during his 11 months on this planet, he suggests getting tubes placed in the ear so that the mucus behind the ear drum can drain. To parents who have literally been up all night (and I mean ALL FREAKIN' NIGHT!!) comforting Pete during his bouts with ear infections, this is a great idea. Besides, we've already been through all this with number 1.

Since I had the opportunity, I ask the ENT about something my oldest boy said to me: he's been complaining about a buzzing sound in his ears. Indeed, he has awaken in the night screaming, convinced that he is being attacked by bees. This is not normal, the ENT says. I suspected as much. He recommends bringing the boy in for some tests and another 20 dollar co-pay.

An hour later I picked up the oldest from Kindergarten, to bring him to his afternoon day care. I ask about the buzzing sound. Yes, its still there. "How often do you hear it, son." All the time, he says.

Adding to the to-do list.

Pete's surgury is scheduled for Monday.

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