Sunday, October 24, 2004

2 Days With 3 Kids

Jane was at a conference this weekend, and I was watching the kids by myself. Yesterday was a lot of rushing around: swimming lessons for number 1, a birthday party for number 2. A haircut for number 1 and grocery shopping with 1 and 3 while 2 was at the party. Number 3 needed a lot of attention, being only 11 mos. old. Lots of poops, thank goodness.

I really can't minimize the role of the second parent in raising kids. No offense to single parents intended, but raising kids without a partner sure can't be easy.

Today was church and then mostly play indoors. The rain shortened the list of options. A veggie tales DVD helped fill the void. Number 1 built a huge Thomas the Tank Engine track that stretched from his room to the living room, and Number 3 enjoyed taking it apart. I'm very tired tonight. Jane came home about 7 pm, after baths and just in time to help with tuck in. It was nice to talk to another adult. Teacher conference on Tuesday for number 1. Fingers crossed. Good night.

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