Monday, November 01, 2004

Election Day Thoughts

Nothing has changed my politics as much as having children. After witnessing the arrival of three young souls into this world, it was impossible for me not to take a hard look at the world and how I relate to it. Issues that had been grey to me suddenly became black and white. Here is a glimpse of how this father's politics have change since having kids:

I had always opposed the death penalty, but since having kids I've moved solidly in favor of it, particularly in cases where children are hurt.

I had always opposed higher taxes, but now I'm willing to pay more in order to help children get medical care and a good education.

I had always been pro-choice in abortion matters, but after feeling my children moving in my wife's womb, I have moved to the right of this issue. Although I still respect the right to choose, it should only be a last option. There should be more options for women who are contemplating abortion, a better support structure to help reduce the incidence of abortion.

My interest in a clean environment and renewable fuels also changed after the kids came. More than ever I want our legacy to my kids to be a land with fresh water streams with edible fish, and a country less dependent upon oil. I know we can do this if only the political will to do it existed.

As an undecided voter in a "battle ground" state, I've decided today to lock in my vote.

I will vote for John Kerry.

I'm not voting so much for John Kerry as I am against President Bush. This is hard for me to accept, because I voted for Bush. There is much I admire about Bush and many areas with which I agree with him on. I even agree that Kerry is a "flip flopper." But enough is enough.

I feel that I've been lied to about the urgency to invade Iraq, even as recently as last week Condoleeza Rice was saying that there is a link between Al Qaida and Saddam, even after the 9/11 commission report flatly stated that there was no link. How can they just keep on lying? It boggles my mind. Even if Bush has us headed in the right direction, I want to get there a different way.

Thats my opinion, and I'm sure you have yours. God bless you, and Americans, don't forget to vote Nov. 2.

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Jim said...

I'm enjoying your writing. Nice choice on your voting, and I appreciated your thought process. I think (hope) the next election will provide us with two more centrist candidates and a slightly less harrowing decision. :)