Thursday, November 04, 2004

Day Off

Yesterday was an unexpected day off. After a laptop computer malfunction shut down my office, I experienced something that I do not experience very often: time on my hands. I decided to take full advantage of the opportunity. I rescheduled my appointments, then called my wife Jane and told her that I would be able to make the ENT appointment that we had scheduled that afternoon for the oldest child, number 1. aka Jorgen. He has been complaining about a buzzing sound in his ear, so we had set up this appointment to check his hearing (this, coming off of a similar appointment last week with the youngest).

At the hospital the ENT tested his hearing and found some fluid in his right ear, but nothing to worry about. He said that there's not much that can be done for buzzing/ringing sounds in the ear. But his nerves do not seem to be damaged.

After the appointment I dropped Jorgen back off at daycare, and went home. Home is an eerie place when I'm there alone. Its too quiet. I noticed noises in the house that I had never noticed before. I spent an hour cleaning, picking up toys, vaccuming, and scrubbing down sticky furniture. As working parents with three kids, we struggle to keep a clean house. The kids seem to mess it up as fast as we can clean it. We'll need to work on this more as a family.

Next came the yard. I fired up the riding lawn mower and mulched the leaves. I expect his will be the last opportunity I have to care for the lawn this year. It's late in the season, and we had an unseasonably warm temperature yesterday, 55 F.

The lawn looks better, the house is cleaner, and the oldest boys ears appear to be ok. All in all a successful day, except that I didn't make any money.

Today's lesson: each day presents its unique opportunites and challenges, so be ready to adapt.

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