Saturday, July 02, 2011

Republicans shut down Minnesota State government. Millions of dollars wasted. Tourists disappointed.

Well, they did it.

The Minnesota Republicans have shut down state government. What a glorious day to be a Republican, I guess.  By sticking to their hard line ideology, the "no taxes" Republicans have ground government to an expensive halt in Minnesota, presumably under the guise of fiscal responsibility.

Last night, I stopped for bait at my favorite bait shop here in the heart of Minnesota's lake land. It's July 4th weekend, prime season for tourism.  The first thing I heard was appologies from the cashier who was trying to explain to an incredulous man from Idaho that he could not purchase a fishing license.  The man had his boat in tow and couldn't believe that he had driven so far with his boat only to find that he would not be able to fish.  I hope he wasn't on his way to a Minnesota state park, because those campgrounds have also been closed by Republicans.

Minnesota's state parks will lose millions of dollars per day, thanks to this Republican shut down of the state.

The shut down is incredibly foolish, fiscally irresponsible, and a very pathetic, non-transparent exertion of Republican ideology.

Minnesotans will not soon forgot the Republican role in this mess.  Shame on you Minnesota Republicans -- you don't care who you hurt, just as long as your rich buddies get their tax breaks.  Your are an embarrassment to our Great State, and we will not soon forget this. Neither will that man from Idaho.

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