Saturday, July 23, 2011

Problem with Amazon MP3 Uploader: file names appear to have Chinese characters

I've been on a mission to convert 300 CD's into MP3 files and then upload them to Amazon's Cloud.
After a week of converting CD's, I thought I was  home-free. Now all I had to do was spend the 10GB of bandwidth to upload the files to the cloud, a process that would take a couple of days.

After a day of uploading, I discovered that many files (about 3/4th of the total uploaded files) had their titles and album names appearing in the cloud player with Chinese characters.  I can play the songs; they obviously uploaded correctly, but it is now impossible to categorize the songs.

I've contacted Amazon support, but it has been several days, so I presume no reply is forthcoming. A second attempt at uploading several days later yielded the same result.

Has anyone else this issue? 

Amazon's MP3 Uploader often inserts Chinese characters into the name, artist and album fields.

Before you are seduced by Amazon's offer of "free unlimited storage" for MP3 files and start uploading thousands of files, beware that this process may take a lot longer than you think.


B said...

I just uploaded about half of my music collection to Amazon Cloud today and came across the same problem, but it probably amounts to only about 15-20% of my uploads. There doesn't seem to be a way to rename in the cloud, so hopefully someone has an easy fix. Otherwise, it looks like I'll be spending yet a few more hours on this. Good luck!

clender said...

I've been using this product for about 5 days now and the process of uploading and dealing with their customer support is enough to make you want to hang yourself. This product is not at all ready for market. It will take me well over a month to upload my collection at this rate. I have both a 5mbps and a 100 mbps upload connection and it doesn't matter at all, this process takes forever. The system can only take so much and isn't at all ready for a music lover.