Friday, June 03, 2011

Cell Phone-Cancer Link Inconclusive? We've heard this song before.

Here we go again.

"Experts say the data on cellphone use and brain cancer is still inconclusive."

Yeah, right. "Inconclusive."
That's what they said for years about smoking. That's what they still say about Global Warming.

Just toss some doubt out there and try to slow things down; that is the typical big business (and Republican Party) playbook.  The longer they can keep pumping oil, the longer they can keep you addicted to cigarettes, the longer they can stave off any emissions regulations to cell phones, then the more money they can wring from their investment.

They don't care if  its in the bests interest of our children or our country or our health care system. They only care about their own best interests and pleasing Wall Street.
Expect more industry paid experts to line up and on the wireless payroll and scream "INCONCLUSIVE!! NEED MORE STUDY!!" Meanwhile they're busy selling as many cancer causing cell phones as they can.

Expect to hear crap like, "You have a higher cancer risk being on a golf course on a sunny day" or "You have a higher cancer risk flying at 35,000 feet in an airplane."   

Just keep this in mind:  How many hours a day are you ever actually stting in a chair at 35 feet, or on a golf course? They are not comparable. Sure, if you're flying at 35 feet for 4 hours a day, every working day, year in and year out, maybe you'll have higher risk of cancer than your cellphone use.  But when you are a big business trying to slow down an inconvenient truth, then any FUD will do.

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