Friday, May 20, 2011

Bing Zugo problem is growing. List of software that installs Zugo.

The problem with the Bing Zugo browser hijacking seems to be growing. During the past few months, visits to this post have just exploded. It now gets hundreds of views per day.

Its saddens me that a company like Zugo can get away with installing its shitty toolbar in such an underhanded way through "free" software.  If you know of a crap software publisher that installs the Zugo toolbar, post it here and lets make a list. These software companies should be avoided at all costs because apparently they do not give a rats ass about the end user. If they will let your browser be hijacked for a few cents of profits, only god knows what else they are installing on your computer.

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Ariel S said...

I dont like toolbars as well, but this is a good way for them to fiance the operation and keep the product free.

I dont understand why do you care about this if you are given a choice to skip installation.

Did you stooped watching TV since that show ads?

Some people are loud , but without content.