Monday, February 05, 2007

Bush wages War the Expense of America's poor and your children's future.

President Bush unveiled a $2.9 trillion budget today that gives the Pentagon a whopping $50 billion hike at the expense of basic domestic programs. While Bush can find unlimited funds to wage war, including $245 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan, he touts cuts for health research and heating subsidies for the poor.

I think most Americans can agree that something needs to be done about Washington's outrageous spending under George W. I think most Americans would also be willing to tighten their belts, and be willing to bite the proverbial bullet in order to put America on a fiscally responsible track.

But what Bush is doing is absolutely outrageous! Slashing and burning America while showing absolutely no restraint on his illegal war is totally insane.

Bush touted his fiscal blueprint as "protecting the homeland and fighting terrorism, keeping the economy strong with low taxes and keeping spending under control." He said after meeting with his Cabinet, "Congress needs to listen to a budget which says no tax increase, and a budget, because of fiscal discipline, that can be balanced in five years."

Bush is absolutely insane and bent on destroying this country that I love. What he is shallowly promising is that "In five years, this'll be someone else's problem." In five years, America will be $20 trillion dollars in debt, and that's when he says we'll stop decifit spending?

What I DO NOT hear Bush promising is that in 5 years, we will have won the war on terror. The world will be a safer place. America will be a stronger country. Even Bush can not make such impossible promises, but yet he can say with a straight face that in "5 years" the budget will be balanced. Bush thinks that Americans don't know the difference between his deficit spending and the DEBT which he proposes to keep growing for another 5 years.

Bush is proposing more of the same failed policies. He is pushing America closer to the edge of destruction, while making the world a more dangerous place.

Mr. Bush, in five years America will realize that you have forced it into bankruptcy. You Sir, are a traitor.

It's up to the Democrats to stop this. This is what we voted them into office for. Show some backbone, Democrats, and stop this insanity.

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