Friday, February 16, 2007

Beware of Servage Hosting.

We had been using Servage as the back end of a hosting service that I operate. The way reselling hosting services works is pretty simple: you pay a lot of money to acquire a new customer, and then you recoup your money, typically in year 2. Servage has a very competitive hosting package, and for its affiliates, it offered a very powerful, scaleable interface.

About a week ago, Servage announced that it was ending its hosting reseller program, and oh, by the way, we will have your customers. So thats it. After spending thousands of dollars to acquire my customers, Servage will simply steal them.

I hope this post will warn others about how your company does business. You may have been with your rights, but not within your ethics.

What goes around, comes around Servage.

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