Thursday, February 15, 2007

Surprisingly good results with 7Search

I've been experimenting with 7Search, as both an advertiser and as an "affiliate."

One of my business websites is a file sharing site with growing traffic. It currently gets about 1000 unique visitors per day, about about 2000 page views, and its growing at 50% per month.

I had been experimenting with monetizing the site using Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN). With YPN, I average about $1.25 per day. YPN, like Google, doesn't allow you to display any other advertisements that are generated by scanning content. So that means I can include static ads, but just not dynamically generated ads.

I have longed been disappointed with YPN's ability to target the users on my site. Somehow, all the ads are always for encryption products, which just doesn't fit. I've tried jiggling their settings, but still, encryption ads. So I've always felt that YPN was not letting me monetize the site in the best interests of myself and my users.

I signed up for 7Search, and decided to implement their "pay-per-text" ads. It's essentially a keyword linked to a page that displays a number of ad units. If a user clicks on an ad unit and stays on that site for at least 20 seconds, you get credit. I can configure pay-per-text so that only display the top 5 paying ad units.

I implemented 3 key words that have very high per click payouts. "Debt Refinancing," "Casinos" and "Free Ring Tones." The first two pay upwards of $1 - $2 per click. The latter still pays about .50 per click. I integrated the text ads into the website, and the results have been very good. Immediately, the Ring Tone text started receiving excellent hits and click throughs, and the others received enough traffic to make want to continue offering them.

After a week, the ads are generating an average of $5.50 per day. So I'm pleased with 7Search on the affiliate side.

On the Advertiser side, I started tracking clicks, and find that I'm actually getting some excellent results with 7Search. The keywords are much cheaper for my keywords than either Google or Overture, and I find that I'm getting a pretty good quality visitor, certainly worth the money that I'm spending. I've used other 3rd tier networks, such as Adbrite, GoClick, Miva and others, but have had very poor results with those services.

Your experience may be different, but in this age of rampant click fraud I am glad to have something positive to tell you about. If you're looking to move some money away from the Google monopoly, 7search might work well for you.

If you're interested in advertising on 7Search, click here to give me a little credit for telling you about it.

Be a Advertiser!

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