Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mark Kennedy goes negative

Mark Kennedy, the Republican senatorial candidate vying for Sen. Mark Dayton's seat from Minnesota, has gone negative.  Earlier I commented on his political advertising, which focused on his likeability factor.

Since then, Mark Kennedy has become less likeable.  Mark Kennedy has gone negative.  

In his TV advertising, we now see "fuzzy" pictures of Amy K., suggesting that she changes her positions on the issues regularly.  On radio, a "humorous" Kennedy ad uses a phony phone call to Amy K's campaign headquartes, where the caller must navigate a confusing array of political positions.

As likeable as Mark Kennedy was  in his introductory ads, he is quickly revealing his true negative nature.  Apparently Mark isn't likeable enough, and strategists have told him that he needs to go negative.

I love the radio ad where it says that Amy is against big oil raping the American public with high gas prices, but that Amy apparently at one time or another owned some shares in a mutual fund that owned shares of an oil company.  Big deal -- do you know all of the 100's of stocks that you own right now in your 401K mutual funds?  

These negative ads by Mark Kennedy are good news for Amy K., because Mark is coming across as a big jerk, far from the likeable guy that we originally saw.

Keep it up, Mark!

I'm Scott, and I approve this message.

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Anonymous said...

Right on. Have you heard the latest about Kennedy's website? hahaha. He's becoming a parody of himself.