Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Battleground Minnesota: Advice to the Democrats

As an independent voter in a Battle ground state who wants to vote democratic this election, I have some advice for Minnesota Democrats. Check that -- I have some advice for ALL Democrats.

Let your centrists lead.

This election is not about big ideas.
I repeat:
This election NOT about big ideas.
It's about winning. Leave your big ideas at the door if you want to win.

Never, ever, ever use the word "Programs." Remove that word from your vocabulary.

And don't bitch about the economy. To the middle class, the economy is fine.

I want to hear my anger at George Bush and the Republican Congress articulated.
I want you to articulate my anger at rising gas prices, at the never ending slaughter of American troops in an ungrateful Iraq, at the scaling back of aid (not PROGRAMS) to middle class college students, at the Oil Mafia, at the lack of a comprehensive energy policy (tell me how you're going to move America toward renewable energy independence), at the high cost of small business self employment taxes, at the huge trade deficit with China, at the loss of jobs being outsourced to India, at the UNBELIEVABLE DEBT this country is leaving its children, at the Cronyism that lead to the Katrina relief debacle.

Do not -- I repeat -- DO NOT run on a platform. Run as an alternative to the corrupt Republican Administration. All you have to do is remind us why shouldn't vote Republic.

You can stuff your "programs." Remain calm. Remain centrist. And you can't lose.


Start bitching about gay marriage, minimum wage, universal healthcare.... start talking about Big Programs at a time when this country is running historic deficits (at this moment at $8.4 trillion, up more than $400 Billion since I last wrote about it), and you will lose independent voters.

I believe Independents can sway this election, and they want to vote democratic.

But if you want us, you need check your extreme left wing at the door.

And you better decide soon. The Republicans are rapidly moving to the center, as they always do, to try and grab centrist voters. This is always their plan: move rapidly left just before the election, and then strand the Independent middle class voters right after the election.

Democrats, if you do this correctly, you can once again enjoy majority party status.

Here in Minnesota, Republicans have brought some amazing talent to bear on the Senatorial campaign of Mark Kennedy. Goofy commercials showing his family is creating a "likeable guy" feeling among voters who don't know him. I've already seen at least 3 different Kennedy commericals introducing me to him. Here's what his commercials have told me thus far: Mark Kennedy is "willing to cross party lines," a "family man," and a "fun, likeable guy."

Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Amy has aired one commercial that I've seen. In it, she comes across as a tough bitch: pissed off about her hospital stay when she had her child. In fact, she was so pissed off that she (apparently singlehandedly) sued big business to get fair parental leave rights. Poor Amy: she's so put upon by big companies. Too bad everyone isn't as angry as mean ol' Amy, or they might vote for her.

Amy!!! Stop it!! Fire your campaign manager and start over immediately!! Do not be an angry bitch. Independent voters in Minnesota do not want a Sen. Amy Clinton from Minnesota (for God's sake, please don't bring her to Minnesota to campaign for you!!). Ok, we get it -- you're an angry tough woman from Minnesota who won't take crap in Washington. Now, what else??? Give me more, better reasons to vote for you. Talk about My children, not YOUR children.

Good luck Amy. I want you to win. It's early yet, but don't screw this up. There's too much at stake.

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Anonymous said...

Right on! Outstanding thought... if only the Dem leadership had as much sense... There is no need to go beyond your approach in November - for the 2008 elections -yes! But for now our best bet is to lay low and clean houses... then after a few convictions and impeachments move forward with agendas.