Friday, August 25, 2006

Pluto Pluto Pluto: The New Way to Remember the 8 planets, with a Nod to Pluto

The new way to remember the "8" Planets:
(to Pluto)

Lots of fun is being had today with the declassification of Pluto to a "dwarf planet." Astronomers have long berrated by son's favorite planet, because it doesn't fit in. It's too small. It's in a weird orbit.

There may be too many other objects like it. It's in an unorthodox relationship with its moon.

Though this is being hailed a triumph of science over sentiment, of logic over society, is it really?

Or is it just a bunch of jelaous elite men, once again, defining what and whom is acceptable.

My appologies to the Little People, who will probably henceforth need to contend with even more biggotted jokes about being from Pluto. I can hear it now: "hey, look a Dwarf! He must be from the Dwarf Planet! Hahaha."

I thought it was cool when scientists originally proposed to be more inclusive. They were going to expand the solar system to include Ceres, Charon and Xena as planets. Instead, the exclusivists prevailed. Rather than inclusive solar system, we now have one that is exclusive.

Pluto should be a planet, and always will be to many of us. The way I see it, whether you're a Big Planet or a Dwarf Planet, this solar system is certainly big enough for all of us.

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