Sunday, June 26, 2005

Another passing

Today I went to a prayer service for my great-aunt Ellen, who had married for 59 years to my great-uncle. She was 88, he is 91 next week. She had been sick for awhile.

Its very difficult to lose someone who you have known literally your entire life. Death has always been a weird concept for me. Despite Christian beliefs of an afterlife, its still weird being left behind, searching for meaning, asking questions, wondering why.

For a moment, at least, I realize how strange life is, each of us rushing hither and fro, absorbed in our own self importance. Afterall, we have appointments, places to be, people to meet! We don't have time to die. Death is not on our schedule, so it will just have to wait

When someone we know dies, the world just keeps on turning, but for that moment, we are left behind wondering why the world doesn't stop.

I talked to the kids about aunt Ellen passing away. They took it pretty well. Better than Grandpa dying a year ago, and much better than the cat.

My uncle seemed ok. He's had years to prepare. But how does one ever prepare to lose their spouse of 59 years? I give him six months before he dies of a broken heart.

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