Friday, July 22, 2005

IM from the edge

Working at home has been an interesting experience. I didn't care for it at first, but I've come to enjoy my 30 second morning commute: slip on some shorts and a T-shirt, walk to the desk and log in. I make a point of taking a break and driving down to the coffee shop, where everyone knows my name and they're always glad I came. A little mocha in the morning helps get me going, and the face-to-face human contact is about all I get till the kids come home.

I miss the transition time: the time that most people have from the point they leave the office till they arrive home. It allows one to decompress, put on the radio and tune out the day, think about the evening ahead. I have to switch instantly from stressed-out employee to loving father when the family gets home from daycare, and that not easy.

I've connected with one of the other employees on a personal basis. We do similar work and have become IM buddies. We'll be on a conference call, and be IM'ing our thoughts back and forth. Must be careful not to let the sarcasm go too far, especially on the high-stress days.

I've been doing lots of travel lately. The other weekend I was at the Microsoft worldwide partner conference. What a party those guys throw. We had Hootie and the Blowfish on Saturday and the B52's on Sunday. I left early to get home to the kids, so I missed the B52's (that was a real sacrifice, I'll have you know).

Next week is a 3 day weekend for my family. We'll go to the lake, do some boating and fishing, and let the kids run around. I feel bad that my kids aren't getting a traditional summer vacation like I did -- my mom was always home. They're in a great daycare, but you know what I mean.

Diet Update: Remember back in April when I boldly told you I was starting the Southbeach Diet? No? Well, I started at 203. The other morning I weighed myself in at 176. I've exceeded my goal of 180, and now weigh what I did back in high school 22 years ago. My wife says I look great, and I'm feeling better. My back trouble has gone away. I'm amazed its worked so well.

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