Thursday, May 05, 2005

Moving On, part II

What a difference a week can make. I've officially accepted a position with a Canadian company, and I start this week. I'll be working out of my home for awhile. This new job ought to be good for the family from a financial perspective (I have some serious pent up consumer demand). If you consider all of the expenses I'm eliminating, I'll probably make 3x my 2004 salary, and about 15% more than I made during my last year at Microsoft (36% more if my bonus kicks in). Bully for me.

The downside will be that I will be traveling again, but the upside is that if this job works out Jane will be able to cut back on her hours and perhaps even leave her job (her wish, not mine). Having a parent at home has been a goal of ours. The plan was always to have her cut back, although for awhile this year it looked like I might be a stay-at-home dad.

Jane is in England this week, and I have all three of the kids. Wouldn't you know, the two oldest kids came down with a bad case of 5-day "late season influenza B", according to the pediatrician. So it has been a bit of a trial, complete with mopping vomit. Sometimes I really miss my wife.

Jane called this afternoon from England. She's enjoying her visit, and I can take heart that she feels so guilty for leaving me at home with two sick kids. She made the trip because her mom is moving into an assisted living facility, and she's there to help her with the move. Before we had such a large entourage, Jane and I would travel together to England. With the British pound so strong against the dollar, and airline tickets up around $700 for the round trip, we just couldn't afford it this year for the family. Maybe next year when I'm making better money...

Diet update: 189. The rapid weight loss seems to have plateaued.

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