Friday, April 29, 2005

Moving On

Today is my last day in the financial advice and insurance sales world. I made it 15 months, which is about average for this industry. It's a tough business to be in, and I knew that. It's hard to "make it" in this business, and I knew that, too. I came into this business knowing that there was a high probability that I would not succeed in the manner that I wanted to succeed. But I decided to take a chance anyway, and for that I'm proud of myself.

I learned alot about financial matters that I think will serve me well, so no regrets. I had some great clients who I'll miss.

I think I've already found a job as a product manager for a medical software company. It's what I did at Microsoft before I left. I'm expecting an offer next week.

Jane will be in England next week visiting her mom, and I've decided to take the week off (a mini vacation of my own) and keep the kids at home. That will save on our huge day care bills, give me a chance to get to the know the kids a little better, and allow me a little down time prior to taking on this new job.

Today's lesson: When it's time to move on, move on.

diet update: Started at 203, presently at 190. Goal is 180.

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