Friday, April 01, 2005

Bees and Tears

Last night, the bees attacked Jorgen (age 5) again. He gets attacked by bees while lying under the covers of his bed at least several times month.

This has been a recurring dream for quite some time. He wakes in the night, screaming and waving his arms wildly trying to fend of imaginary bees. Soon the screaming woke up Pete (age 1) and Pete struggled for an hour to get back to sleep. I probably lost an hour and a half of sleep last night.

The dreams seemed to start last summer after Jorgen and I found a large wasps nest in the hedge. We stood quitely and watched the wasps fly in and out of their hive. He was fascinated and not the least bit scared. Later that summer he was strung by wasps twice in one week*. After that he had a healthy respect of the bugs. But shortly thereafter, the bee dreams started.

He was tired this morning, too. Very hard to get him out of bed, and I could tell it was going to be a crabby day. I offerred him a carrot for his cooperation in getting dressed this morning: I said we could go to the Village Inn restaurant before kindergarten. He likes the cinamon rolls they serve, and this place seems to help fill the void left by the recent closing of our favorite donut place.

When I picked him up from kindergarten today, his teacher pulled me aside and said he had gotten in trouble for not doing his letter writing assignment.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Maybe we can all get a little extra sleep.

[*after Jorgen was stung, I got out he can of raid and single handedly wiped out thousands of these damn bugs. Within days, they were back occupying the hive. So I hit the hive with poison again. They came back AGAIN, so this time I sprayed it with Raid and doused it with lighter fluid and set it afire. Then I knocked the hive to the ground with a rake. The next day, there were STILL wasps crawling over the remaining bits of hive, trying to salvage wasp larvae, so I took the lawnmover and pulverized the remaining bits of hive, dead wasps, etc. They didn't come back after that.]

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Jim said...

I like the wasp story, and find the (possibly unintended) metaphor quite interesting.