Monday, March 28, 2005

Ten days

It amazes me how quickly the wheels of congress and justice can move. When they want to, that is. Take the case of Terry Schiavo:

In just ten days, we saw legislation debated and passed by congress, then signed by the president. We saw court rulings appealed all the way to the Supreme Court, and a response handed down.

When we have the will, there is a way. Unfortunately for America, "the will" just isn't there when it comes to issues such as homelessness and universal health care for it's children.

American children will die this year because they lack access to adquate health care, just as surely as Terry will die this week. But there is no will to save these forgotten kids, because their plight is not shown each night on the evening news. Their deaths will be anonymous, accounted for in a bland statistic in some huge report.

From what I've seen this month, we should be able to fix this problem for America's children in ten days or less. Where is America's will to do right when it comes to its children?

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