Friday, March 18, 2005

Supporting what you believe in

Getting involved in your community is a value I am trying to pass on to my kids. One way is to periodically ask your kids to select a toy that can be donated to needy children. Just clean it up and take it to a homeless shelter so it can be used as a birthday gift for a child.

I like to be active in my community. There are several non-profit organizations that I support. Once you get on a non-profit local board and show any propensity to do work, its likely that other boards will try to recruit you. Hard working board members are difficult to find. I know this because I now sit on the board of a local historical society, am president of my church, and am the past president of a homeless shelter.

A group that I support through action and donations (and would gladly sit on their board if they ever asked) is the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I have yet to oppose a position that this group has taken.

You dear reader, being a web-surfing blog-reader, probably understand better than most people just how important it is for new technologies to have a chance to grow up. Especially communications and internet technologies. EFF fights hard against interests who want to maintain the status quo and who fight to slow or halt the spread of empowering technologies. And they're good at it! For a list of victories that EFF has won, click here.

I encourage you think about what is important to you, and to find a way to become involved. You'll be a happier, more empowered, better informed person, well connected to your community. If you're having trouble finding a local charity to support or if you are just lazy, then take the easy way out and toss a little money at the EFF.

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