Friday, May 06, 2005

Dear God...

Thanks for my kids. What a blessing they have been in my life. Thanks for the chance to mop up their vomit, wipe their butts, and dab the snot from their noses. I praise you every time they break something in the house, because it reminds me that earthly treasures are fleeting. Thanks for when they are sick and I have to explain to my boss why I couldn't be at that important meeting (again), because important meetings are overrated.

Thanks for the chance to pick up their toys, make their beds, and drive them all over your earth. I'm glad to throw away the perfectly good meal I labored to make for them because it looked or smelled "funny." Although I don't like to waste good food, I'll endure the frustration and insult because of the privilege it is to be their father.

In a world that places so many demands on my attention and time, please keep reminding me that these kids are the most important thing in our lives.

Forgive me for occasionally losing my patience, and for the times that I just flat out screw up. I'm only human, and being a father is a superhuman job. Therefore, I welcome your influence in my life to make me a better father. You know better than anyone that I need your help.

Please work in my kids lives.


PS -- Thanks for their mom. I don't know how I could cope with being a father if I didn't have her encouragement, reassurance and help.