Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Target Corp. $150k Donation to Republicans tosses millions of dollars of goodwill into the toilet.

What the hell, Target Corp?  You donate $150,000 to the anti-gay Republican candidate for Minnesota Governor, but you have donated exactly $0 to the Democrats?

I always felt really good about Target until they made this insane political contribution. As a Minnesotan, for most of my life I have gone out of my way to favor the Home State company over the Walmarts and KMarts.  I saw the good work they did donating millions of dollars to Minnesota schools and organizations, and I rewarded Target by giving them my loyalty. 

Why would Target consciously decide to throw away this good will, by making a controversial political donation that will help bring a Homophobic Jerk to the highest office in Minnesota?  Is that Target's vision for our state?

I guess some genius in the research department must have told someone important that only Republicans shop at Target, and that there is no way that Minnesota Democrats could ever be offended by your corporate meddling in Minnesota politics. You knew you would lose some gays, but they all shop at The Gap anyway, right?

Effectively immediately, my family and I will take our back-to-school shopping across the street to Walmart. The paltry $10,000 to $12,000 that my family typically spends at Target in a year (Groceries, staples, toys, TV's, books, DVD's) will certainly not make dent in Target's corporate wallet.

But it will make me feel better.

If Target will support Republicans over Democrats, then I have no further reason to support Target.

I invite you to join me in boycotting Target.

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