Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No Minnesota Flag at Target Field? Welcome to the new Home of the Hennipen County Twins

Last Sunday was my first trip to Target Field, home of the "Minnesota" Twins.  It was a great experience, and even the outcome of the game couldn't have been more exciting as the Twins rallied in the 9th for four runs to beat the Chicago White Sox.
My brother and I drove nearly 460 miles that day, for seven hours.  Going to a Twins game is a special experience for us, something we don't get to do every weekend because of the cost and distance.  We're happy to make the effort though, to support our "Minnesota" Twins.

It was a moving experience to watch the American Flag hoisted above Target Field, on the original flag pole that stood at the old Met Stadium. 

Yet, something weird was going on.

The Minnesota Flag flying next to Old Glory was not really the Minnesota Flag.  This one had "Hennepin County" scrawled along the bottom in big, boring white letters.  Wait a minute... this isn't even the Minnesota flag, its the Hennepin County flag!

I would never begrudge Hennepin County from flying their flag over target field. It should be there, because they stood up and made a major contribution to keeping the Twins in Minnesota, and  funding this park.  We owe them a debt of gratitude. 

But come on!  To not fly the Minnesota Flag over Minnesota Twins ball games at Target Field is a slap in the face to us "outstate" Minnesotans.  This is the flag carried overseas by the Minnesota National Guard soldiers.  As boring as the Minnesota Flag is, its still our flag, and should be present, flying right next to that beautiful Hennepin County Flag.

I don't know what the official reason is to deny the Minnesota flag a place of honor at Target Field. Maybe it is intended to be a nasty dig at the State of Minnesota. It might reflect the childish attitude that,  "if they didn't pony up, then they don't deserve to have 'their' flag flown at Target Field."

What the Twins and Hennepin county don't understand is that the Minnesota Flag is the flag of all Minnesotans, not just Governor "Dumb Ass" Pawlenty.  And all Minnesotans who buy food, hospitality and beverages in Hennepin County are helping to fund this glorious ball park through a sale tax, not just residents of Hennepin County.

Come'on Twins -- don't be so petty.  Fly the Minnesota Flag at target field.  Either that, or change your name to the Hennepin County Twins, and then see if I'm motivated to drive 460 miles to support "your" baseball team.

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Anonymous said...

Damn right! It really ticks me off. Are they the MINNESOTA Twins or NOT??

Screw Hennepin County. They are making out like bandits from having the Twins. And ALL of us are paying extra taxes to fund this park. It's not a gift from Hennepin County to the rest of us.