Thursday, April 30, 2009

Norm Coleman is violating my rights. Can we sue him?

The settled Minnesota Senatorial election continues to dragson. And on. And on.

Blame Norman Coleman, the failed former Senator from Minnesota, who is without a doubt washed up forever in Minnesota politics.. This whole process has revealed Coleman for what we knew he was (or is): a weak kneed goose-stepping Yes Man for the Republican Party.

Obviously, the Republicans want this whole drama to last for six years. They will do ANYTHING to keep just one more Democrat out of Congress.

As a Minnesotan, I feel that my rights are being violated. Although the recount process was executed in a non-partisan way, and the appeal was unanimously settled, Coleman continues to drag this on, filing one lawsuit after another.

When can we as Minnesotans sue Norm Coleman? His abuse of process leaves the State of Minnesota with half of the represenation in the Senate that we are constituationally entitled to.
His abuse of process leaves us weak and unserved.

Norm Coleman, go to hell. And take Rush Limbaugh with you.

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