Friday, September 12, 2008

BlackBerry Curve 8330 and the dreaded "Unknown Error Reported."

Have you recently bought a Blackberry 8330 curve?
Want to synch it with Outlook 2007 on Vista?
Is desktop manager giving you the dreaded "unknown error reported" message?
Are you not even able to "Configure Synch?"

If so, then maybe this is the post that can help you.

I had this error, and tried to find a solution to the problem. Judging from all of the messages, it seems as though there appear to be a myriad of situations that can lead to this problem. I eventually resolved it, and here's what I did. I hope this works for you, too.

First, be sure that there is no other Synch software on your computer, such as Palm Synch.
I've also heard that MS Contact Manager should be disabled.
Try to disable any other applications in your system tray. I also disabled PC Tools antivirus, some backup software, and anything else that I saw running there.
Uninstall the Blackberry Desktop Manager, and check "remove all components."
Reboot your computer.
When the machine boots back up, connect your Blackberry to the USB cable, and then reinstall the software.
After reinstalling Desktop Manager, reboot (keep the Curve connected to the USB port).

Restart Desktop Manager, and go immediately to Synchronize > Configuration > Configure Synch, and start the process of configuring your synch with Outlook. If you got this far, then you're probbly in good shape.

Run a synch. Did it work?

I hope so! Good luck to you!

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