Monday, August 04, 2008

Thinking of Suicide?

My 8 year old boy, when he gets very upset about whatever, will sometimes blurt out, "I hate my life. I wish I was dead."

Of course, this is just heartbreaking for a father to hear. You try tell him that things aren't so bad, that he'll get through the problem. That tomorrow will be a brighter, happier day.

I came across this quote today from Dawn Kellestad, and it moved me, because it is just so true:

"When my son Michael took his life he thought the pain would end -
But it did not. It went on, and was passed on to others."

My 8 year old is an interesting kid. He's truly a horse of a different color, with thoughts and ideas that are unusual for his age. He's very special to me, and I love him with all of my heart. If I ever lost him the way Dawn lost her son Michael, it would be a crushing blow to our lives from which I don't think I could ever recover.

If you are thinking of suicide, just remember that mother's comments. It may be over in an instant for you, but your pain will continue to live on and will be a trebeled burden for everyone else. A better option is to seek help from anyone and everyone around you. No one will be better off if you kill yourself.

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