Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Kirby Puckett's Legacy

Baseball fans everywhere are mourning the sudden loss of hall of famer Kirby Puckett, who died yesterday of a stroke at the age of 45.

I'll never forget watching Puck play in the Metrodome. He was a delight to watch, because he always gave 110%, always had a smile, and always seemed to be enjoying being on the field.

Sure, Kirby had his troubles just like the rest of us. Thank goodness most of us don't have to live out our shortcomings on a major league stage. But thankfully, the bright light of the good works Kirby did during his short life will surely fill in the shadows.

Here's a good piece about Kirby written by Jim Reeves. Jim waxes quite eloquently about Kirby's appeal. It's an honest essay.

Kirby once said, "I love the game. This is fun for me. It was fun when I was a kid. It is now. I didn't play baseball so I could get out of the ghetto. I played because I enjoyed baseball."

"And now look, I'm in the big leagues!"

You certiainly are, Kirby. We'll miss you.

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dusty said...

Kirby was an enthusiastic player and a lover of the sport. His medical problems regarding his eye's resulted in his leaving the sport sooner than he anticipated. We need more players like Kirby in baseball..to negate the ones like Bonds and Manny Ramirez.