Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Suicide Isn't Painless.

I don't care what the words are to the theme song from M*A*S*H. Suicide isn't painless for the people left behind.

After being asked by our Pastor, I decided to help out at church today with a funeral. It was for a 32 year old man who I should have known, but didn't. He killed himself over the weekend, leaving behind two beautiful kids, a boy age 4 and a girl age 7, inconsolable parents and a dazed wife. It was the saddest funeral I've ever seen. I've never witnessed such grief expressed at a funeral.

Afterward I saw a veteran insurance man that I know well. I said, "Al, thank goodness you're here. At least that tells me he's leaving something for his family." Al said they'd be taken care of, and you can always trust Al.

I don't know nearly enough about suicide. The pain may be over for the man, but its just begun for his family. I can't fathom what illness or trouble could have overcome this man. I just know those kids want their father back tonight, and no amount of money can ever replace what they've lost.

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