Friday, January 20, 2006

The Re-invented Al Gore

My reaction to Gore's MLK speech:

I just finished listening to the speech, in which Gore basically lays out the points for the prosecution of the President for spying on Americans. If Gore had put as much passion into campaigning for President as he did in his speech to civil rights activists, he would be president today.

Gore nailed it!

The limp pickle former-Democratic presidential candidate seems to have found his groove as a passionate second guesser of the Bush administration. Thank God, someone has stepped up to articulate the anger and sense of betrayal that many Americans feel after learning that Bush has shredded the constitution. Thus far, the only democrats who have opened their mouths on this issue just seem to be ticking people off with their partisan whinning.

As my own Independent political leanings continues to drift further and further from the Republican extremist politics practiced in the White House today (am I drifting, or are they?), I commend Gore on a speech well made. The reaction by independents to his speech were measured as being very favorable.

Though I voted for Bush in 2000 when he briefly floated toward the center, I will be hard pressed to consider a vote for any Republican candidate this year who insists that the president is right in creating a constitutional crisis with his domestic spying agenda.

Perhaps Bush's chummy relationship with Russia's Putin has rubbed the wrong way. Has Bush influenced Putin? It appears that Putin instead has rubbed off on Bush. America is not the Evil Empire, and so Gore is correct to articulate a case against Bush's perversions of presidential power.

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blaze said...

When Gore ran for President, we weren't living under the Bush regime. America was on a course toward fiscal sanity and there was the rosy glow of a strong middle class after the Clinton years. There simply wasn't a need for Gore to be as "passionate" as he is now. (With the MSM these days, passion equates to insanity)

I do recall that Gore tried valiantly to get the truth out there, but he was tarred and feathered as a congenital liar by an antagonistic press... besides, he won the election. It was an electoral coup d'etat and must be seen in that light for any accurate assessment of history.