Thursday, October 06, 2005

Why God sends us snow

Chalk it up to global warming if you want to, or maybe it's global cooling... I forget.
I'm writing this from a table a Carribou Coffee, looking out the window at at white flakes of snow being whipped through the air. October 6 is too early for this kind of weather, even for Minnesota.

On Sunday, the kids were running through the yard sprinkler, picking flowers and chasing butterflies. It was 88 degrees and sunny. By Tuesday snow was in the forecast and by Wednesday, it was here.

It's hard to say what life is going to bring our way from day to day. I've learned that it's important to find a way to smile no matter the weather.

My oldest boy (the first grader) is having a hard time grasping why he couldn't wear shorts to school today. It doesn't seem fair to me either, going from shorts and t-shirts to long pants and winter jacket in the course of a few days.

"Dad," he demanded, "why does God send us snow?"

I thought as fast as I could (the God questions always scare me -- they're a big responsibility), and the best answer I could muster was, "If wasn't for the cold snowy days, how ever would you be able to appreciate the beautiful days he sends us?"

That seemed to satisfy him.

You have a great day...

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