Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bob Dylan and thoughts on right-sizing

Dear Reader,
So how's it going? How've you been? I haven't heard from anyone in awhile, and part of that is my fault: I haven't been very prolific.

I've been distracted lately, trying to plan the next 20 years of my life. Everything is on the table (except my wife and family, of course). We're considering downsizing, or right sizing, or what ever you call it when you're trying to create a sustainable lifestyle that will allow us to be here for kids, and save a little bit of money. I've realized now, at age 41, I'm not ever going to be someone's "Executive Vice President." I've decided I'm not willing to pay the same price to climb the corporate ladder at age 41. When I was 27 the future was different, and responsibilities few and far between. At 41, I see my career for what it is -- a means to an end. My career does not define me, the way it defined my father. I am not what I do. I'd rather be a stay-at-home dad, than a stay-at-work dad. I had the latter, growing up. He's a rich man today, which is nice, but I'd much rather have had a dad around when I needed one.

I told you started a new job last May. Sorry to report it is not what I thought it would be. Much more responsibility, much less control, and much more travel than was originally thought. I don't think I will be in this job in two weeks (my choice). Just a hunch, but its sucking pretty hard right now. This needs to change.

The oldest son started first grade a few weeks ago, and is doing great. Jane went 3/4 time at work, and that means she's done by 2:30 pm, and can pick up Jorgen by 3 pm.

In anticipation of a pending financial earth quake, we've decided to re-finance our house from a 15 year to 30 year mortgage, and in the process roll up some automobile debt. That should take about $1,000 off of our monthly payments. We're not having any trouble meeting our bills, but again, just trying to get things "sustainable." No telling what the future holds (note to self: don't quit job before refinancing is complete). We will always have the option to pay down the 30 year mortgage at the 15 year rate in good times, but will have the flexibility to step down the payments as necessary.

I bought an apartment building in June, and have been working on it since. It's an 8 plex, and I now have all the units rented out. Hopefully I've chosen good tenants. It should provide a free and clear income between $500 and $750 per month. Lets hope this was a good long term financial move for the family.

So what does this post have to do with Bob Dylan? I watched the PBS documentary on him last night. I can't say I was inspired, but I was... amazed. I've always loved his music, but didn't understand the reluctant role he played in the 60's protest culture. The world needs interesting people to inspire it, challenge it, and infuriate it. People like Bobby D. who through either luck or good planning, are able to rise up above mediocrity. God bless Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie.

Thanks for listening,


Diet update: holding steady around 175.


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leesun said...

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if you log into blogger and go to settings -> comments, you can click on the "Show word verification for comments?" option to help reduce spam (apparently).

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Scott said...

Hi Leesun. I'm happy to have any posts these days. Hope you're doing well!