Monday, February 21, 2011

Fighting for the Right to Stay Unionized in Wisconsin

The Governor of Wisconsin is busting unions for the Koch brothers. Its that simple, and you will find the proof with a little Googling.

And Yet...
We allow capitalists to "unionize" when they unite their capital in the form of a corporation.  These corporations can now pump billions of dollars into our elections because they are "entities" with "Free speech rights." The people who own and run corporations can hide behind the "corporate veil," to protect themselves and their assets from responsbility for their actions.

But... when the discussion comes to allowing workers to unite, that is somehow a bad thing.

Big money needs to be offset by big labor to ensure fair working conditions and wages.

Corporations are driven to produce profit.  Unions are driven to produce decent wages and living conditions.  Have we forgotten all the lessons of the past 150 years?  We have unions today for very good reasons. Look up your American history.  Large corporations with unchecked power kill people.

I'll be happy to do away with Unions on the same day that we do away with corporations.

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