Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Removing Private Data from Your PC

I recently discovered that one of the laptop computers my kids use to play games had been compromised by a virus. It underscored the need for a) better antivirus protection and b) simply removing informaiton from the computer that is no longer needed.  Why leave traces of important personal information where it can be found and harvested by God-knows-who? 

I found a nifty little piece of software called Privacy Eraser Pro which set up very easily. I'm told it "exceeds the US Department of Defense DOD 5220.22-M and NSA clearing and sanitizing standard," which sounds good to me.  The bottom line is that now when I delete something, its erased, gone, destroyed, forever and ever, Amen..  Privacy Eraser Pro obliterates your file data so that it is gone forever and can not be recovered by a virus, your wife, the FBI, or NSA. These days, that sounds good to me.  Afterall, every day we all leave a wake of personal information behind us that will persist long after we have left this earth. I feel just a little better knowing that when I delete something on my computer using Privacy Eraser Pro, its gone for good.

This baby knows where your information is stored. It will find and permanently clean out your browser history across multiple browsers, shred your trash bin, obliterate form data and those deleted files in your file system which are recoverable, clean out the list of songs you've been listening to, and so on. 

If you're interested, you can download a free trial of Privacy Erase Pro.
If you buy Privacy Erase Pro, please use this link so that I can get paid, and I'll buy you a beer the next time you're in Minnesota.

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