Thursday, October 08, 2009

Screw United Airlines

These airline bastards just piss me off to no end.
First they take away your ability to fly with luggage unless you pay huge fees.

Now, United Airlines has the gall to offer a "Premier Baggage travel option." The have the balls to declare, "The more you travel, the more you save!"

No, United!! The more I avoid your shitty airline and fly Southwest, the more I save.

Its the condescending tone that really eats at me. It's like some smug new Biz School grad, who has just taken something away from a child, dangling it in front of the child and setting new rules for getting it back.

They ask, "Do you enjoy traveling abroad with more than one change of clothes and shoes?" YES!! Of course I do you idiots, so why do you make near frickin' impossible to afford to do that??

Read this garbage for yourself, and then do whatever you can to avoid United Airlines. Drive, fly Southwest, take a train, hitch hike, or walk. But screw United "Nickle and Dime ya!" Airlines. Every dollar you avoid giving this crappy airline is a dollar that shows up in the negative numbers on their annual report.

Email Begins here

Do you often travel with one or more checked bags? Or enjoy traveling abroad with more than one change of clothes and shoes? We launched Premier Baggage with you in mind.

The newest of our Travel Options by United(SM), Premier Baggage allows you to check two standard bags on all United(R) and United Express(R) operated flights domestically and internationally without fees for an entire year.*

You can purchase a Premier Baggage annual subscription for the limited-time, introductory price of just $249. Which means, the more you travel, the more you'll save!

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